Hale Microtax-06

10 x Second Hand units fitted but never used for sale complete with printers and looms
  • Microtax®-06 is setting new standards in functionality, technology and design.
  • The taximeter all-rounder is characterized by a stylish design, illuminated keys and various functions
  • The perfect taximeter for single proprietors and taxi fleets.
  • Now with Bluetooth connectivity Simple upgrade with the BTA-FDS Bluetooth adapter

Brilliant display

  • Automatic brightness control for optimum visibility by day and night
  • Highly illuminated LED display allows easy readout even at bright sunshine and a distance of 5 meters.

Impressing design

  • Totally new ultra slim design
  • Stylish design with transparent dark grey housing
  • Extra large displays facilitate perfect readability
  • Side part allows easy access for service without demounting
  • Ideal dimensions (159 x 55 x 19 mm) for a simple mounting

More operating comfort

  • 4 Clicktouch® keys provide best tactile response
  • 2 additional keys for future extensions
  • Illuminated keys ensure perfect visibility at night
  • Driver-sided position of operation keys (for left-hand drive vehicles)

Highly flexible tariff system

  • Most modern tariff design with optimal flexibility and 32 tariffs, including various extras functions.
  • Integrated calendar until 2030 supports fixed and floating holidays, spares regular calendar updates.
  • Fast tariff programming using tariff-Ceys or the menu-guided tariff programming.
  • Automatic change of tariffs due to distance or duration of the trip, time of the day, date, day of the week, fare and change of speed.

Two separate tariff memories

The second tariff memory allows for an ahead-of-time programming of a futuretariff, automatically activated at the correct date. This automatic change-over to the new tariff at 0:00 h gives a competitive edge.

Featuring currency conversion

  • Tariff in new currency can be programmed in advance, months before validity, completely stressless.
  • Automatic tariff change at the pre-programmed validity date
  • Recalculation of fare in second currency, e.g. USD, €

Automotive device

  • The Microtax®-06 complies with the high requirements of the automotive industry
  • Unrivalled low current consumption, in power save mode only 0,6 mA
  • Automotive components with extended temperature range guarantee a long lifetime

The Microtax®-06 with its various extension possibilities provides a perfect basis for taxi fleet operators.

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