Analogue Radios

HYT TC-320 PMR446
Lightweight PMR446 licence free hand portable
  • Compact
  • Superb Tough  build quality
  • Ideal  for Small School / Hotel
PMR446 licence free hand portable
  • Superb Sound Quality 
  • 24 Month Warranty 
  • Compact and Robust 
HYT TC-610
Rugged hand portable two way radio
  • Dustproff &  Waterproof IP66 
  • Innovative Industrial Design 
  • Powerful Radio 
HYT TC-620
Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Professional 2 Way Radio
  • Durable and Reliable 
  • Voice Operated Transmit (Vox)
High Tier Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Lone Worker 
  • Sleek Design 
  • High Quality Audio 
HYT TM600/610
UHF/VHF mobile two way radio
  • 8 channels,Channel Scan
  • 4 programmable keys
  • Built-in Scrambler
Hytera RD625
UHF/VHF compact and light indoor repeater
  • Multi-Sites via IP
  • Analogue/Digital Operating Modes
  • All-In-One Compact Design
Kenwood TK-2170E3
128 Channel Hand Portable Two Way Radio With Full Display & Full Keypad
  • Lone Worker function
  • Built-in Voice Inversion Scrambler
  • FleetSync® compatibility
Kenwood TK-2302T
Rugged VHF FM hand portable two way radio
  • Rugged Construction (MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F)
  • Built-in Voice Inversion Scrambler
  • VOX, Scrambler & Compander set per Channel
Advanced FM Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • High Tier Radio 
  • Robust & Water Resistant 
  • Lone Worker 
Kenwood TK-3302
FM Hand Portable Two Way Radio
  • Kenwood Renowned Build Quality 
  • Programmable Function Key
  • VOX And Scrambler
Kenwood TK-3401DT
UHF Digital And PMR446 licence free
  • Dual mode Analogue/Digital 
  • Extended Range 
  • Increased Security 
  • Rugged ,Durable Kenwood Quality 
Successor to the Pro Talk TK3301


  • Programmable features 
  • Durable and Lightweight 
  • Proven Kenwood Performance 
Kenwood TK-7302
Mobile two way radio
  • FleetSync® and 5-Tone Signalling
  • Lone-Worker and Emergency-Key
  • Built-in Voice Inversion Scrambler