Pub Alert

Pub Alert Scheme Combats Crime

Forewarned is forearmed!

Fighting the problem can be an uphill struggle.

 Reducing assaults on staff.

How  Pub Watch works

  • Door personnel, security officers and staff can carry two-way radios.
  • Smaller premises can have a two-way radio kept behind a counter.
  • Any messages sent from a two-way radio are heard by everyone on the network.
  • Each two-way radio user has a caller ID, so the other users know who is transmitting and where a suspect is.
  • If a radio is stolen, it can be stunned (put to sleep) so the thief will be unable to use the radio.


It works as an intelligence system. However, if a suspect is apprehended or if help is needed urgently a call on thePub Alert  scheme can be used to alert all network users. This gives peace of mind to staff who can easily feel isolated and outnumbered by criminals. It also encourages everybody running town centre businesses to work together to make their town a safer, wealthier and more relaxed place. A place the criminals who prey on honest business people will avoid.


The Pubwatch Schemes can be used to track known offenders and prevent them access so that others can enjoy themselves knowing that they are safe.

Objectives of Pub Alert

To tackle and prevent retail crime and anti-social behaviour through effective communication and the prompt reporting of  anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.           

To promote a sense of security for customers and staff especially drunken trouble-makers in pubs and clubs

Benefits of Joining Pub Watch

  • Pro Active Crime Prevention
  • Radio Communication - including Emergency Alert
  • Increased Employee Security           
  • Sharing of Local Intelligence